Dr. Danson Muttuvelu and Dr. Alexander Kyhnel have during their professional career as ophthalmologists become acquainted and associated with many eye clinics and hospitals throughout the country and have a large network within their field. Due to their large network and their experience as ophthalmologist they have first-hand acquaintance with the markets needs and demands regarding ophthalmic products and equipment. Also, they have a keen knowledge and extensive experience with the use of ophthalmic equipment.
Their professional background, make them particularly suitable for promoting ophthalmological equipment and products tailored to the specific needs of the customers.
KM Optics will ensure development through focus on offering good and safe medical equipment through collaborations with suppliers who offers high quality goods as well as unique competitive prices compared to the existing market in Scandinavia.
KM Optics will ensure efficiency through focus on services matching the needs of the customers, ensuring an outside-in perspective which allows us to make tailormade solutions for our customers.
It is KM Optics ambition to promote the sale, service and use of the best equipment on the market for the benefit of the patients as well as the doctors. Furthermore, the founder’s ambition is to make the sales process more relevant to the end users by introducing appropriate and applicable equipment the first timeon fair conditions.