Equator Plus®, ANF+ Flange

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The Equator Plus provides access from the central retina up to the mid-peripheral retina for diagnosis and treatment of retinal defects such as tears, holes and detachments. This lens is designed to provide high resolution mid-field viewing even through small pupils for PRP laser treatments. This application is critical when evaluating and treating patients such as those at risk of angle closure, neovascularization of the iris etc. in whom dilation should be avoided. The small pupil capability is also advantageous when treating geriatric populations in whom pupil response to dilation is limited. The compact size of the lens body allows easy manipulation with the orbit and provides ample space between the laser and patient’s eye.


  • Field of View up to the mid-peripheral retina
  • Small pupil capability
  • Visualize and treat mid-peripheral retinal tears, holes
  • Available in no Flange and ANF+ contact options


 Field of View Image Magnification Laser Spot Magnification
114°/137° 0.44x 2.27x

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