Idrees MidVitreous

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Designed especially for Laser floater Treatment (LFT), this lens is housed in a tall lens body to facilitate treatment of patients with deeper ocular sockets and prominent supraorbital ridges. The depth of focus allows precise placement of the laser on the midvitreous floater while providing context of relative position to the retina and the ocular lens/IOL. The smaller and compact contact element on the lens is comfortable for the patient and prevents blinking off the lens.


  • Tall lens body is suitable for treating patients with deep sockets/ prominent supraorbital ridges
  • Smaller flange provides comfort and prevents blinking off the lens
  • Lens helps place the laser accurately at the appropriate location and prevent misfiring
  • Effective vaporization of mid-vitreous floaters
 Image Magnification Laser Spot Magnification
1.11x 0.90x

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