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Our supreme experience in Spectral Domain OCT allows us to provide the market with a state of the art instrument which comes with new advanced technologies and remarkable simplicity of operation. The REVO 80 will expand the daily demands of any modern practice.


OCT made simple as never before

Position the patient and press the START button to acquire examinations of both eyes. The Revo 80, guides the patient through the process with vocal messages to increase comfort and reduce patient chair time.


New OCT standard – All functionality In One device.

Once again REVO goes beyond the limits of standard OCT. With its new software, the device provides a full functionality from the retina to the cornea to combine the potential of several devices. With REVO you can measure, quantify, calculate and track changes from the cornea to the retina over time with just one OCT device.


A perfect fit for every practice.

Small system footprint, various operator and patient positions and connection by a single cable allows the installation of REVO 80 into the smallest of examination room spaces. With its variety of examination and analysis tools, the REVO can easily function as a screening or advanced diagnostic device.


High quality of OCT image

The noise reduction technology provides the finest details proven to be important for early disease detection.

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