ZULU 1-2

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Zulu1 – version with tabletop for 1 instrument
Zulu2 – version with tabletop for 2 instruments
Zulu3 – version with tabletop for 3 instruments
•Elevating tabletop (25cm)
•Elevating chair (15cm)
•Removable chair for wheelchair access
•Rotating tabletop lockable at any position
•Column with support for chart projector and overhead LED lamp with adjustable illumination


•Counterbalanced phoropter arm
•Horizontal phoropter arm Linea
•Footrest (fixed, foldable, tube type)
•Tip-up arm rests
•Chair with reclining back
•Foot switch control for up/down movement of the chair
•Installed data cables (Fire Wire, USB, RS232, etc.)
•Empty tray for trial lenses set
•Stand for operational panel of digital phoropter
•Room light controller
•Pillow for children
•Cabinet with a drawer for trial lenses set
•Welcome requests for any other options

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